Partners with a passion for Sustainability

 After a high profile television debut on CBC’s Dragon’s Den, Brockville, Ontario co-founders Morgan and Jackson Wyatt began looking for a manufacturer to make their compostable and disposable composting bins. A super sustainable product they branded: Greenlid.


After a thorough search of the global sustainable packaging industry, Greenlid chose Pulp Moulded Products Inc (PMP) of Newmarket, Ontario - a manufacturer and distributor or moulded pulp packaging to produce their bins.

“We chose PMP because or their knowledge and experience in the sustainable packaging industry. They’re Canadian which was very important to us but they also had the ability to scale very quickly to accommodate our aggressive global distribution plans” states Morgan.

The leak-proof, odour-free Greenlid bins are designed to neatly store your house compost waste. The bins themselves are also compostable breaking down into nutrient-rich soil upon discard. Through their partnership with Dragon’s Arlene Dickinson and D.H. Hilton, and team member Adil (Finance and Strategy), Greenlid composters are now available nationwide. They’re also planning extensions to the product line in 2018.

PMP has been committed to sustainable packaging solutions since it opened their plant doors 9 years ago. After 15+ years in the packaging industry, President Gord Heyting saw an opportunity in the market for moulded pulp: a time-tested method that is relevant again in an age of sustainable solutions. He bought his first machine in 2009 and is now manufacturing 10 tonnes of finished product per day out his Newmarket plant alone. 15 tonnes more is produced in a partner plant in Boston, MA.

PMP was delighted to work with Green Lid and admit creating a “compostable composter” is a perfect fit for their corporate brand.

“The Greenlid team is unbelievably great to work with. Their corporate values are so aligned with ours that it makes decision making easy. It is truly one of the best partnerships I have ever encountered” - Gord Heyting.

Moulded pulp packaging is made using the simple material ingredients of post-industrial paper and water. This pulp “slurry” is shaped, and then baked in a carefully timed and regulated oven. The result is packaging that is tightly formed, durable, static neutral, easy to assemble and 100% compostable upon discard. For these reasons, pulp as packaging is quickly gaining interest among PMPs growing list of automotive, electronic, wine, candle, and consumer packaged goods clients as an alternative to styrofoam, plastics and other non-recyclable materials.

PMP  is a privately held company currently servicing North American clients out of its 100,000 foot plant in Newmarket, Ontario and a separate 400,000 square foot partner plant in Boston, MA. 

For more information on how Pulp Moulded Products can help you achieve your corporate sustainability objectives, contact Jason Kinder at