Canadian Sustainable Packaging: the Belle of the Ball.

LUSH cosmetics of Vancouver and Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP) or Newmarket have deepened their partnership in honour of a mutual commitment to sustainability.

The sustainable alliance first began in the summer of 2016 when PMP was approached by LUSH to create a compostable box “gift ball” to replace an overseas alternative.

“As a company, we’re committed to local sourcing wherever possible” states Karen Moll, LUSH Cosmetics’ Ethical Buyer.  “I really wanted a local provider” Moll adds “and PMP was instrumental in producing an innovative design that not only cut back our material needs but allowed us to produce for North America right out of their Ontario plant. This was an ideal solution for us.”

PMP has been committed to sustainable packaging solutions since it opened their plant doors 12 years ago. They were thrilled to work with LUSH and admit the 3D ball was a wonderful creative opportunity.

“When you get to work with a like minded company who is totally committed to sustainability, local sourcing and ethical practices, great things are bound to happen. We were thrilled to be part of the solution” - Gord Heyting, President of PMP.

PMP currently manufactures its moulded pulp packaging using the simple material ingredients of post-industrial paper and water. The pulp slurry is baked in a carefully timed and regulated oven. The result is packaging that is tightly formed, durable, easy to assemble and 100% compostable upon discard. Pulp as packaging is quickly gaining interest as an alternative to styrofoam and plastics as it is compostable and green bin eligible nationwide.

The LUSH pulp ball originally launched as a Christmas set but currently houses the limited Hallowe’en BEWITCHED gift set. Each set comes with two bubble bars and a bath bomb and is tied with a black cat fabric wrap knot. The wraps are made from an organic cotton and are reusable - making the package sustainable and virtually waste free.

PMP  is a privately held company currently servicing North American clients out of its 50,000 square foot plant in Newmarket, Ontario. For more information on PMP’s sustainable custom or in-stock pulp packaging, contact Jason Kinder at

BEWITCHED gift sets are on sale at your local LUSH store or online at for a limited time.