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Demands in the packaging industry to avoid the use of petroleum based packaging and styrofoam have contributed to the upward surge of this packaging application. Throw-away packaging that harms the environment will be subject to higher costs and government restrictions … not to mention shunned by the everyday consumer.

There is no greener packaging solution than a pulp moulded product - it is made entirely from waste paper, corrugated, and water.

By enrolling in our Sustainapack™ system, your products can be certified as being made from YOUR own industrial paper and corrugated scrap.

Our next generation pulp moulding technology is best-in-class, and uses up to 30% less energy in conversion.

MediPULP is pleased to offer a complete range of disposable pulp products which all conform to the required standards giving hospitals a full range of pulp products and services. We can provide technical support for both the pre and post sales service relating to disposable pulp and macerator provision.
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